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May 13, 2020

Vehicle Loans

                                                                                                              Terms                            Rates as Low As

New Vehicles: 2020 – 2019         Up to 84 Months                   2.50% APR

                                 Used Vehicles:                               

2017 – 2018                              Up to 72 Months                    2.75% APR

2015 – 2016                            Up to 60 Months                    3.00% APR

2014 and below                     Up to 48 Months                   3.50% APR

Motorcycle Loans

Add .50% to Vehicle Loan Rates per the year

Recreational Vehicles

(Campers, Boats, ATV, etc)

                                                                    Terms                                 Rates as Low As

2016 – 2020                                  Up to 84 Months                       4.50% APR

2015 and below                           Up to 48 Months                       5.50% APR

$70,000 Maximum Loan Available Per Qualified Member

Share Secured Loans

Amount                                               Term                                         Rates as Low As

$2,000 (Minimum)                60 Months (Max)                                 3.25% APR**

Signature Loans

Amount                                                 Term                                      Rates as Low As

$10,000 (Max)                     60 Months (Max)                         8.00% APR

Maximum Loan Amount, Term and Rate determined by Credit Score

** Loans not subject to Risk-Based Pricing

A system of risk-based pricing is used for loan rate determination. Your individual rate may be higher than the rate indicated above, depending on your actual credit file.  Share Secured and Home Improvement Loans are not subject to risk-based pricing.  See the credit union for more details.




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